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RESEARCH | Facing the food poverty

Feed the hungry: the potential of surplus food recovery

Surplus food generated in the Italian food supply chain – 6 million tonnes, or 17% of annual consumption in Italy – represents a challenge for those who are working to alleviate food poverty and those who provide assistance to the needy. The number of people suffering from food poverty is increasing, and the situation is even more pressing given that the current economic crisis is unlikely to be short-lived. When surplus food is not recovered to satisfy the food needs of people, it becomes waste, at least from a social perspective. At the same time, not all surplus food can be avoided at the point of generation; this surplus food can be seen as an opportunity to help relieve food insecurity.
This book presents the results of an original research effort to provide a comprehensive overview of surplus food and food waste generation at the various different stages in the Italian food supply chain. By conducting over 100 case studies spanning the agriculture and fishing, food manufacturing, retail trade and food service sectors, along with
a survey of 6,000 households, the reasons for the generation of surplus food were identified, and quantities of surplus food and food waste were estimated for each of the sectors studied and for Italy as a whole. The book also discusses the surplus food management options that can lead to waste reduction and the redistribution of surplus food through the network of food banks and charitable organisations that provide assistance and support to needy individuals and families on a daily basis. Suggestions and proposals for encouraging the responsible use
of surplus food and for reducing food waste as much as possible
are also presented.



Bruxelles, 17 aprile 2013


  • A cura di Paola Garrone, Marco Melacini, Alessandro Perego
  • Editore Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà
  • Anno 2013
  • Pagine 247
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